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Random ramblings of a Dutch guy

Random ramblings of a Dutch guy

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This weblog will be done in English, for the simple fact that eventhough I am Dutch, my girlfriend is not, and I would very much like it if she could read this too. It's not going to be about anything in specific, just things that happen to me.
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Snow - 12:31, Monday, November 24, 2008

We all know the weather type, most of us even love it. And last weekend it fell down from the skies making the entire country look white. Snow is pretty, but it also has a lot of downsides. One of them being the fact that the roads turn into complete and utter chaos. People forget how to drive, as soon as it gets a wee bit slippery. Any normal-minded person should be able to realize, that what a little extra caution, there is not all that much to worry about. But no, most people see a snow flake fall down and instantly hit the brakes.


Another thing that can be a bother with snow is the fact that it melts quickly, now I hear you think "what's the problem with that? People will be able to drive normally again" well,'d be partially correct. People could drive a bit easier unless..and here is where it gets tricky, it starts to freeze again right after, then we get slippery roads. THAT's when the people on the road should take a lot more precautions, and that's exactly when they don't because they don't realize that there is more danger than during a bit of snow fall. Also when the snow melts, the pavement will look like mud, as you get the grayish, looking snow that's mixed with dirt. Whooptiedoo! ;)


Still snow has something romantic to it, don't you think? I can see myself sitting in front of a nice and warm cozy fireplace. Hot chocolate milk in my hands and my sweet Colombian girlfriend next to me. Enjoying the warm sparkles of the fire, seeing the nice glow of it on her skin and in her eyes. Things I can not do at this time as there is still about 6000 miles seperating the two of us. Things I won't do when I go there in April of next year (as Colombia is quite warm) but still, I can dream about it..can't I? ;)

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Ending a Life - 12:17, Tuesday, October 28, 2008

There are those days where you get into a conversation with a person that doesn't want to live anymore. This is never a good subject, but it gets especially bad when the person you are talking to is someone you are close to. Why am I bringing this topic up? Well, I had a conversation with someone I am close to, about this exact topic recently.


I got told in exact words: "I just want this life to end, but the doctors are not allowed to help me with this". This is ofcourse true. Doctors have to follow their ethics which tell them to do everything within their powers to keep someone alive. But what if this person is actually really in a good clear state of mind and really wants to step out. Should doctors have a right to decide if you can end it? I mean, I am not at all for ending a life prematurely, but there is also a thing called compassion. In this case the person feels like there is nothing left to live for and just wants it all to stop.


Wouldn't the option to have a doctor help you end your life be less egocentric than to commit suicide? I am a person that is completely against suicide. It's the easy way out a person can choose, that always leaves someone else with the trauma. Can you imagine being the one to find someone that has committed suicide? The impact that has on a person? So personally I could understand the wish to end the life at the hands of a doctor, which is also much more humane. On the other hand, having a patient die on you can't be easy on a doctor either. Even if it is in mutual concent and it would probably be something the doctor would have a lot of problems with. Simply put, when should someone have the right to end a life?


I'd say this subject is not for the weak of mind. I believe a decision like that can sometimes be made way to easy. You feel miserable and at that moment you may want the pain to stop and can't think of any other way to do it, but to end your life. However one day is never the same as the next. You never know what could happen tomorrow and you may look at things a lot different, so when's the moment you could actually say "enough!"?


Suicide is a topic that religion usually is against, and it is even said in the bible that it would be a reason to get into hell instead of heaven. Sometimes however, not allowing the way out can be extremely cruel however. Just think of a patient in the hospital. Paralyzed from neck to toes. No control over his own body and no way to improve. All that is left is wait until the time is there that every part of the body stops working. Would it be considered humane to keep a person like that alive against his or her will? I would say no.


Anyways, this topic is tough, but I am really curious what others think. Oh and in case you are wondering. I am not even remotely considering it myself. ;)

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Do it yourself? - 17:17, Monday, October 6, 2008

Hey there, here I am again with a little update of what is going on in my life. I live my life in a building that is quite old. It was build before 1906 so you can imagine the state of the house.


Now at my place, we are not exactly very rich. We live in this house with 7 people divided over 6 apartments. But renovation has to be done to it a lot, and we are a stubborn little bunch, so we decided to do it ourselves. I don't know if you people have any idea how much time it takes to get several people to work on something coordinated, when all of them have a tight schedule, well let me tell's hard! ;)


Last Saturday however, it finally worked. We were not all there, but 4 is quite a decent number I would say. Out of those 4, one is a real handyman, he knows exactly what to do, whereas I, have two left hands when it comes to doing this kind of things. ;) So I always need someone around that can tell me what I need to be doing in order for me to get things done in a reasonable way. Saturday I did quite a lot of things however, and the hallway is slowly starting to look like something. We have put up sidepanels on the walls to make the wall look better and also to protect it from bumps and that sort of things, those sidepanels have all been painted and the walls and ceilings have been made even. (You don't want to know what it looked like before we got started)


To do things like that, you really need a good vibe, so we put on the most awefull music you can think of, but with a good vibe, it is just what is needed to get the job done. We are still not nearly finished, but at least it is starting to look like something.


Next weekend we will continue where we left off last time. Hope we will get it done soon. If I think of it, I will add some pictures the next time.

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Differences - 20:07, Thursday, October 2, 2008

Every once in a while you just feel the need to do some things differently. Today was one of those days.


So after work I went into the city to pick up some things I think I needed. Most of the times it's not even something you really need, but it just makes you feel better to get something new. First of all I was going crazy with the mouse of my PC. Sometimes it just won't respond and as a programmer, that simply won't do. So into the shop I went. These days, there are like a million different types of computer mouses, you can get the cord-mouses (the ones with a tail I usually call them) with ball, or optical, or even laser. Then, there's the same choises, but without a cord too, those work with battery's of which you should realise, they get eaten alive by using your pc.


Because my desk is quite crowded, I decided to go cordless and then I had the choises of ball mouse, which was a no-go from the start, optical mouses, which are quite good, and laser mouses. I decided for the last one. So now I had my nice new mouse. But my keyboard, was already 7 years old. Now I hear you think, so what? You'd be right, there's no real reason to change my keyboard, but I did anyway. I found this nice and simple keyboard, that has the option to turn on backlight under each of your keys, and knowing myself, this can be a quite neat function to have. There are countless days that I either get up way to early, or go to bed way to late and I don't always want to leave all the lights on. Using this nifty feature, I can lose most of the light, and still see what I am doing, ain't that neat?


Happily, I went home and removed the older mouse and keyboard from my desk, then plugged in the new ones and worked from the get go. There's all sorts of keys and buttons to set, but I usually don't even bother as I never really use them anyway.


Now it's time to use these new machines and write out a bill to one of my clients, and an offer for another one. Work ain't always fun, but it's what keeps the money flowing and is supposed to get me on a plain to my girlfriend in April next year. I know that seems like an eternity away, it is in fact a long time, but for me it will be worth it, and it gives me time to learn Spanish a little better. Oh, I didn't mention that yet did I? My girlfriend speaks Spanish, and is learning English, whereas I am learning Spanish. If I can speak the language well enough, I will be speaking Dutch, German, English, Spanish, some French, some Greek and a few words in other languages. And here I was thinking my brain worked better on numbers. ;)


See you all later.

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Crazy cats, what would I do without them. - 18:27, Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Everyday I go to work, do my thing and come home. Nothing special you might say, and I would have to say you are right. How then does my life stay interesting?


Well, that's easy. I have two of the most adorable little cats that you have ever seen. One is called Kali (named after the Goddess of Destruction) and the other one is named Nagi. (which means Shadow in Lacota, the language of the Indians)


Every day when I get home, they are waiting for me by the door. As soon as my key hits the lock I know they will be behind the door waiting, twisting and turning around to be the first to say hello. The same was true today. I came home, put the key into the lock and opened the door, and good thing I wasn't holding anything because Kali leaped up into my arms from the ground. Now I know cats can do some crazy things, but that kinda woke me up right then and there. ;)


It's not the only crazy thing they do either. Whenever I crash on my couch and think of watching the tv, I get accompanied by both my cats in a matter of seconds. I better make sure I am on the right channel too, as one of them likes to lie down in such a way, that I can hardly move my arm anymore.


Sometimes I also get massages, especially my belly seems to be a wanted place to hand out a massage. You would think these are great, and well..they are..sort of...the thing with cats you have to remember is they have some quite sharp nails, and their massages aren't always do I put this nicely...subtle. Often I find myself taking a shower the next morning wondering why on earth the warm water burns my belly, and then I remember.


Another thing that is done often is my hair gets washed by the cat. She will sit on my shoulder (must think she's a parrot instead of a cat) and starts to lick my hair. I think this is because she doesn't like the crap I put in my hair to make it look half decent every day.


To round up this, probably boring to you all, article.. I will add a picture of each of my two little sweethearts. If I can figure out how to do that on this blog that is. ;)


Kali Nagi

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